Why Service Geni?

1. How Service Geni is different from the other market players?

While corporates who have entered the Auto servicing industry with huge capitalist support are showering offers and fancy price cards, we do have to realize that the long-term plan is a path to earn a return on their investment. This will bring upon a burdening price on the consumers over time. It is also a prevalent practice that these MNCs pressurise the Auto service centers under their umbrella to pay a hefty joining fee and a percentage of the billed amount in return for the leads and branding. The poor mechanic under these circumstances is pushed to charge the consumer with unfair service billings. The corporates that boost transparent billing in a disguise promote packages that may not be of the right relevance to a customer. Servicegeni.in is a web forum built by BRN Technologies, it aims at providing garages the digital platform required to showcase their identity and service offering without interrupting their business. Assist car owners to connect with them and schedule car services at ease. Bridging the gap between the service providers and customers, Servicegeni is on a quest to launch a new approach to the Auto-servicing industry.

2. How does Service Geni engage its Service partners?

We provide the service partners a listing page in servicegeni.in. Our neighbourhood car mechanic is often more efficient & experienced but he runs a small-scale business and doesn't have a website or digital presence to attract customers outside his acquaintance circle. We just provide the local car service centers the digital platform with tools to manage aspects outside their domain or area of expertise.

3. Does Service Geni charge customers for finding a service center through their website?

No, we do not Charge customers for finding a service center in servicegeni.in. Any car owner is welcome to visit the site and benefit from the auto data library built to assist with all your car maintenance needs.

4. What is the Service Center Discovery Feature of Service Geni?

Service Geni serves as a marketplace for the numerous multi-brand car service centers in the city. Car owners can book a car servicing with an expert mechanic by searching among the multiple options and schedule a slot with the local provider to get them addressed in an equipped workshop or done at their Doorstep. This was the primary concept behind Service Geni. We launched the Service Center Discovery Feature on the 15th of August'21 which lists hundreds of local car service centers spread across 70 localities on a Chennai map where our intuitive feature shows the mechanics around the car owner’s current location as well as allows car owners to narrow down to the right service center by applying the required filters.

5. How does Service Geni manage the Quality of services that are offered?

We have partnered with the most popular car workshops in Chennai, which have decades of experience and employ the best car mechanics in town. Further, as we don't interfere with their Independence the car service centers provide the best service at the most economical price. * Consumables/Parts used are OEM/OES

6. How have the prices been fixed for our services?

The price for each service is fixed based on the research done to render the best car service and the most splendid experience for a car owner. Each service for example involves an Experienced car mechanic's consultation charge, Consumables & tools required to be carry out the repair or service of the car etc * Consumables/Parts used are OEM/OES

7. Why do car owners look for alternatives to OEM authorised service centers ?

Over 65% car owners switch away from OEM authorised service centers (company-owned or as a franchisee) to unorganised players post-warranty since cost of repairs in the organised single brand workshops is very high. While OEMs offer quality service and guaranteed original spare parts, they mostly replace defective parts rather than repairing them, thus costing a car owner more. Geographical penetration is less, customers have to allocate time to drop n pick up their car and wait for an available slot to book their service.

8. How does Service Geni make a profit as a business?

Service Geni's profit is drawn from direct service offerings in servicegeni.in such the Doorstep services, Accessories store, Service spares store, ECU repair offerings, which are specially curated to make Service Geni your one-stop solution for all car maintenance needs.

Doorstep Services

1. What is doorstep car service?

When you require a quick check-up for your car or your car is due for periodic maintenance also known as general service. Service Geni allows you to book this service in a few clicks and a car care specialist is at your service on your doorstep, to service your car in your home right under your supervision at the convenience of your home.

2. Why doorstep car service?

No more spending time and fuel in driving to your brand service center, in these days of high petrol price. No more looking for live surveillance due to the scare of spares theft. No replacing all spares when a simple repair could do the magic. No waiting long hours at the car service station, trying to get the right repairs done for your car. Our car care specialist is at your service on your doorstep.

3. How does the Doorstep car service booking journey start?

To book doorstep car service, a customer has multiple options such as our Website, Social media catalogs, WhatsApp or even call the sales team directly. All the modes have high response rates and get your service booked within minutes. The checkout process is completely safe and hassle-free through the digital payment gateway.

4. How Service Geni ensures delightful Doorstep car services?

Post your booking confirmation our Care Geni who is none-other than a friendly executive contacts you to understand more specifics to ensure the Service Personal is well informed about the car to be serviced and hence come fully equipped to meet all the requirements.

5. How Service Geni ensures safety and quality of doorstep car service?

The service happens in your home and hence car owners have complete confidence by witnessing the service. The fear of spare thefts and Quality & Quantity of consumables used is justified as the car owner has the luxury of overseeing the process when the service happens in his premises.

6. Do you provide car pick-up and drop for a booked service?

You don't need a pick-up and drop for your car as our mechanic services your car in your house in your presence, where you have the opportunity to interact with the person servicing your car directly.

7. How does Doorstep car service help you stay eco-friendly?

Finding the closest garage through Service Geni, booking a doorstep car service that is completely digital not only saves time & the stress of a physical search but also implies that you don't burn fuel and commute, thereby saving the earth a little bit of the pollution it's exposed to every microsecond.