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Service Geni

Who is Service Geni?

Service Geni provides local service centers with the digital platform required to showcase their identity and service offerings, all this without interrupting their business and this noble cause has been welcomed widely among the local players who have been taxed in the past with heavy enrolment charges and lead costs. We assist car owners to connect with them and schedule car services at ease.

When will the digital platform showcasing our service partners be available for users?

The team comprising of experienced industry professionals & strong technical experts are integrating live data with the product and the same will be available for users in few weeks.

Doorstep Car Service

What is doorstep car service?

When you require a quick check-up for your car or your car is due for periodic maintenance also known as general service. Service Geni allows you to book this service in a few clicks and a car care specialist is at your service on your doorstep.

Do you provide car pick-up and drop for a booked service?

You don't need a pick-up and drop for your car as our mechanic services your car in your house in your presence, where you have the opportunity to interact with the person servicing your car directly.

Why Doorstep car service?

-> No more spending time and fuel in driving to your brand service centre, in these days of high petrol price.
-> No more looking for live surveillance due to the scare of spares theft.
-> No replacing all spares when a simple repair could do the magic.
-> No waiting long hours at the car service station, trying to get the right repairs done for your car.
Our car care specialist is at your service on your doorstep.

How Doorstep car service helps you stay eco-friendly?

Finding the closest garage through Service Geni, booking a doorstep car service that is completely digital not only saves time & the stress of a physical search but also implies that you don't burn fuel and commute, thereby saving the earth a little bit of the pollution it's exposed to every microsecond.

How Service Geni ensures delightful doorstep services?

Post your booking confirmation our care Geni who is non-other than a friendly exec contacts you to understand more specifics to ensure the Service Personal is well informed about the car to be serviced and hence come fully equipped to meet all the requirements. Furthermore, on completion of the service, the car owner is gifted with a complimentary post-service car care kit.

How does the Doorstep car service booking journey start?

To book doorstep car service, a customer has multiple options such as our Website, Social media catalogs, WhatsApp or even call the sales team directly. All the modes have high response rates and get your service booked within minutes. The checkout process is completely safe and hassle-free through the digital payment gateway.

What is a post-service car care kit?

To promote continuous care for your car even after a professional service we give a free package containing car wash shampoo, windshield cleaning tablet, dashboard polish and tyre polish combo with a Micro-fiber cloth.

What spares are used for my car service and what engine oil is used for oil replacement?

All consumables & parts used are Original Equipment Manufacturer /Original Equipment Spares manufacturer grade.

How long does the express service take?

It takes around 90 minutes for this quick routine check to be completed for your car.

How long does the general service take?

It takes around 180 minutes for the periodic maintenance to be completed for your car.

What all checks are covered in the Doorstep Express Service?

Express Service includes: - Engine oil checkup
- Coolant checkup
- Battery checkup
- Fluid Topups (not exceeding 100ml)
- Oil leakage checkup
- Brake pads & shoes cleaning
- Alternator & pump belt inspection
- Interior Vacuuming
- Exterior Wet cloth cleaning

What all checks are covered in the Doorstep General Service?

General service includes: - Engine oil replacement - Air filter replacement - Oil filter replacement - Coolant & brake fluid top-up - AC cabin filter cleaning - Brake pads & shoes cleaning - Clutch operation checkup - Interior Vacuuming - Exterior Wet cloth cleaning

ECU Repair & Coding

What car ECU diagnoses, repair & coding services are provided by Service Geni?

ECU Repairs require a special scanning proccess to diagnose the issues and resolve the same with a recoding done through specialists. Service Geni offers Car scanning for Luxury cars and specialises in German brands.

How can i place an order for ECU repairs?

If you are looking for ECU repairs please visit our products page in the website.
Alternatively, you may WhatsApp us with the below details. Our experts will contact you at your convenience.
-> Car Brand- example Audi Model- A6
-> Year of manufacturing- 2005
-> Fuel type- petrol/details
-> Error Code- unlock or not starting etc

Is is service provided in Chennai only?

We provide ECU repair service across India through our remote repair program. Our Geni care team contacts you and guides you to send the unit by courier. We deliver the reprogrammed product @ your doorstep

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