Here is our list of handcrafted car maintenance service packages delivered right at your place



Choose the doorstep service you wish to avail.

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Choose the date and time for your service.

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A care Geni calls you to understand expectations.

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Our experts check your car at your doorstep.

Got questions?

What is Doorstep car service?

When you require a quick check-up for your car or your car is due for periodic maintenance also known as general service. Service Geni allows you to book this service in a few clicks and a car care specialist is at your service on your doorstep.

How does the Doorstep car service booking journey start?

To book doorstep car service, a customer has multiple options such as our Website, Social media catalogs, WhatsApp or even call the sales team directly. All the modes have high response rates and get your service booked within minutes. The checkout process is completely safe and hassle-free through the digital payment gateway.

How Service Geni ensures delightful Doorstep car services?

Post your booking confirmation our Care Geni who is non-other than a friendly exec contacts you to understand more specifics to ensure the Service Personal is well informed about the car to be serviced and hence come fully equipped to meet all the requirements. Furthermore, on completion of the service, the car owner is gifted with a complimentary post-service Car Care Kit.

Why Doorstep car service?

-> No more spending time and fuel in driving to your brand service centre, in these days of high petrol price.
-> No more looking for live surveillance due to the scare of spares theft.
-> No replacing all spares when a simple repair could do the magic.
-> No waiting long hours at the car service station, trying to get the right repairs done for your car.

Our car care specialist is at your service on your doorstep.

Save Fuel & Money
Convenience home delivered
Magical Support Team
Best Quality Consumables